On this Day – November 1st

November first represents a great many things!  It is the day that Oprah’s long lost sister was born, it is the day christmas music starts playing on the radio, and best of all, it is international yellow and green balloon day! wow!

Here are some more interesting facts about November first.

• Its all saints day! you should probably listen to their music to celebrate.
• The beginning of Movember! We’ve started growing our stashes, Robins winning, obviously
• Its “hug a straight sailor day” in boston. Good luck finding a straight sailor! And boston, who the hell knows where that is!
•  Today is the day that rice was first boiled and eaten. A discovery made by a Japanese man named Yim Po, in 1382.
• Nov 1st marks the day that paperclips were invented. In 1873, Doctor Allen Frankleiner was sitting in his office looking for something to fasten his stack of papers together. He found a long piece of metel on the floor that broke off of a patients leg brace (it was probably forest gump), and bent it in such a way that held the pages tightly. And the rest is history!

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