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Robin’s Bio

Robin McNicoll was born in Jamaica. She spent her early childhood  traveling with her family, singing to the less fortunate during world war 2. I know what you’re thinking. gosh, that sounds a lot like The Sound of Music. SURPRISE! The sound of music was actually based on The Von Brrrap family from Jamaica, which was changed to the Von Trapp family from Austria to make the movie more relatable to white audiences. Even though she’s a washed up star now, she still likes to slap da bass on occasion with her bred’rin.

Robin likes lots of things, here are her top 5 favourites:

1 – juicy shrimp rotis
2 – wearing mismatched socks
3 – Cake Boss
4 – Tom Cruise in “Cocktail”
5 –  movie credits – the part when the “stage hands” are listed

Here are some exciting facts about Robin:
1- She claims that Laura is awesome. which is super exciting!
2 – Robin actually knows 7 different languages. One of them isn’t even official!
3 – Robins middle name is “emu”
4 – Robin invented Strapeeze
5 – Robin starred in the movie “Honey” no seriously she actually did!
6 – Robins nicknames are :  robo, ruby, robinator, rasta, brrapmaster, gwantanamo, and steve.

This is Robins all time favourite video!

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