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Ever gotten ready for bed, and climbed in only to realize that you have forgotten your pillow?
Ever at work and lay your head down on your desk for a few minutes, only to wake up to a pounding headache…because you didnt have…a pillow?
Ever go to a club and meet a really great guy, but couldn’t go home with him cause you didn’t bring your pillow?! and you watched as he took home the girl at the end of the bar who happened to have one. sucks to be you.

Well that girl was smart, cause she had Pillo.m.g. A full functioning, 100% cotton, stain resistant pillow that attaches to your head so you will never face those embarassing moments when you say “damn, I shoulda brought my pillow”. Like when you go for your morning run, and halfway through you just need to nap, but you’re too far from home, so you lay down on the bench and rest your head on an elderly mans lap and you contract lice. shoulda brought your pillow!

So wear this baby everywhere and your life will improve by 0.05%! look at this girl! she is SUPER happy! She’s about to hit up da club and party hard! ¬†you go girl!

Everyone gets lonely once and a while. Your significant other leaves town for the weekend for business, or you just had a big fight with your boyfriend so you made them sleep on the couch, or maybe you’re just fabulous and single and you don’t need a man cause you have LEAN ON ME ARM.

Invented in ireland but perfected by the Japanese, this product is flying off the shelves and into the beds of lonely guys and gals who just need to feel the warmth of an artificial limb. Complete with an adjustable hand for comfort and a pocket for extra storage space, this arm has so many pleasant tricks up it’s sleeve. Be prepared for the best cuddle of your life!

*note* You will find an emergency contact number on the inside tag incase the arm starts to get fresh with you, if you know what I mean.

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