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This one was sent in by an avid reader!
Boy the Japanese sure like to find unusual napping aids. Introducing Rest Kneasy, napping made easy for pervs! Mingling at the cocktail bar can be exhausting, especially when women are turning you down left right and center. They’re even turned off by smooth lines like “can I rest my head on your lap?”. Well no, you can’t rest your head on some random womans lap, perv, but you can rely on Rest Kneasy in the comfort of your own home!

*dresses come in red, blue and pink

Have you ever taken a picture and then after thought, oh damn…I was totally facing the wrong direction.  Well, this invention will make certain that this never happens again.  Introducing the 360° camera.  This camera is also another high fashion hat created by one of Japans most prestigious designers.  With this hat, you could take on a new profession as a wedding photographer, or a russian spy.  Since the hat is so compact and unnoticeable you could literally wear it anywhere and blend in with any crowd!

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