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This invention was not created in Japan, although it is ridiculous so…it’s still Japanese to me!

Have you ever wanted to be so close to a loved one that you muttered the words “I wish we could wear the same underpants”? I’m sure you have, countless times. Well these inventors finally came up with fundies, the underwear built for two. Wear these undies to formal outings, concerts, seminars or even just when your at home gardening. I swear this is the only way to never lose track of your loved one.

This invention was sent to us by an avid reader.  Jenelle.  Jenelle is pretty great.

Have you ever been sitting around for hours at a time waiting for your hot noodles to cool down?  I have.  I’ve missed out on many of my lifes milestones due to this problem.  I actually missed my high school graduation, atleast 3 job interviews and have been late for work on numerous occasions because my damn noodles take FOREVER to cool down.  Well, have no fear…the amazing Japanese inventors have done it yet again!  Introducing the noodle fan!  This compact fan will attach on to any size chopstick and weighs only 6 lbs!

I know what I’m having for dinner tonight!  Mashed pototoes….my noodle dryer hasn’t come in the mail yet.

If you have a cool Japanese (or swedish) invention that you think should be featured on our blog…let us know!  Email or  Jenelle did and now she’s famous!

Have you ever been sitting around thinking I’m real thirsty. Then you go to your local water fountain and goodness gracious, nothing comes out??  The brilliant Japanese inventors have yet again solved one of our most complex dilemmas with the personal water saver!    Looks like a super cool (high fashion) upside-down umbrella but it serves more purpose than just protection from the rain…it also saves the water that would otherwise be wasted forever!

Have you ever taken a picture and then after thought, oh damn…I was totally facing the wrong direction.  Well, this invention will make certain that this never happens again.  Introducing the 360° camera.  This camera is also another high fashion hat created by one of Japans most prestigious designers.  With this hat, you could take on a new profession as a wedding photographer, or a russian spy.  Since the hat is so compact and unnoticeable you could literally wear it anywhere and blend in with any crowd!

Well, I don’t know about all of you but I suffer from seasonal allergies.  The worst is when I’m walking along and my nose starts to dribble….and I don’t have any kleenex.  It’s an embarrassing and awkward situation. What do you do?  Do you wipe it on your sleeve?  Ew?  Do you roll around in the grass to secretively get your boogers off your face?  I don’t think that would work since the grass is what causes the allergy in the first place.  Well Japanese scientist have come up with a solution to this problem.  A portable allergy hat.  This high quality fashion can be worn literally anywhere.  At the office, bridal party, at da club, anywhere!

Have you ever been so tired on your commute home that you just wanted to take a quick cat nap…but you are afraid you might look like an idiot and fall over? Well have no fear, the sleeping hat is here! Now you no longer have to worry about falling over when you are sleeping on the go. Sleep standing or sitting, this hat will keep you safe even in the bumpiest of rides.

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