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Thanks Jenelle for this one!

Clever ad.  Clever indeed.


Here’s a clip from another HBO amazing show.  It’s called “Life’s too Short”.  This is a clip of Liam Neeson trying to do improv.

The Rankin Family tells us this is thier new favourite band and song!

This is hilarious.

Recently we got a very angry email from one member of the Rankin family. He told us how disappointed they were that we had decided to employ such Canadian icons as Rita MacNeil and Anne Murray but hadn’t asked them to take part in our explosively popular blog.  So they pitched us an idea that we thought was great.  They would like to provide us with an interesting, funny or unique  youtube video every day.  We all know how lazy the Rankin family can be though (no offense guys)  so don’t actually expect one every day. Maybe once a month.

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