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Here’s our second round of the photoshop face-off.  Our last contest was a great success although I’d like to clear somethings up before allowing this contest to continue.  To place your guess you must comment on the post.  I got about 11,794 emails with answers last time we ran this and my computer actually blew up.  You can use a fake email address but know that if you use a fake name, your poetry will be about that said fake person.  Again, the first winner will get a poem written about them by my lovely intern Cass (who is gentleman and a scholar.)

Good luck to all participants!

Click on the pic if you want to make it bigger!

Ever gotten ready for bed, and climbed in only to realize that you have forgotten your pillow?
Ever at work and lay your head down on your desk for a few minutes, only to wake up to a pounding headache…because you didnt have…a pillow?
Ever go to a club and meet a really great guy, but couldn’t go home with him cause you didn’t bring your pillow?! and you watched as he took home the girl at the end of the bar who happened to have one. sucks to be you.

Well that girl was smart, cause she had Pillo.m.g. A full functioning, 100% cotton, stain resistant pillow that attaches to your head so you will never face those embarassing moments when you say “damn, I shoulda brought my pillow”. Like when you go for your morning run, and halfway through you just need to nap, but you’re too far from home, so you lay down on the bench and rest your head on an elderly mans lap and you contract lice. shoulda brought your pillow!

So wear this baby everywhere and your life will improve by 0.05%! look at this girl! she is SUPER happy! She’s about to hit up da club and party hard!  you go girl!

Stacy has won our first photoshop face-off contest.  Here’s her poem.

Malibu Stacy
By Cass King
Malibu Stacy, she’s right next-door
Malibu Stacy, naw she ain’t poor
Malibu Stacy, it’s the car she drives
Fancy ride’s caught the boys with sparklin eyes

Aries: be adventurous this weekend. fill your neighbours hot tub with chili and hide behind a bush. laugh as they dip into it and wonder why the water is more delicious than usual. jump out from behind the bush and yell “fiesta!”

Libra: Change your name to Pedro and Run for mayor. The familiarity of the name and its association with the lovable movie “Napolean Dynamite” will appeal to a large population. Be sure too put on a fake accent for authenticity.

Taurus: you were adopted

Scorpio: You will get a facebook friend request today. accept and reap the benefits of online popularity! initiate conversation by a poke or an invitation to farmville.

Gemini: take a nap today in a public place. leave your hat beside you to collect change. use the change to purchase a key. this is the key to your happiness.

Cancer: no one puts on a show like Liza. watch and learn.

Leo: Enter a photoshop contest today. Can’t find one?  Click here

Virgo: Dress up as your favourite smurf today, when people ask you why you are dressed like a smurf simply reply “It’s my prerogative.”

Sagittarius: If you have a headache at all today please be advised that it might be because you are wearing tight underwear.  Going commando today is more effective than Advil (even the migraine kind)

Capricorn: Pooping in a bucket today is not okay, save that sh%t for the weekend.

Aquarius: Some people say that wearing hot pants in the fall is against all rules of fashion.  You, Aquarius are the only one who can get away with this and only today.

Pisces: You will create a new law today that allows you to provoke squirrels with candy bars in public washrooms.

Wow we haven’t done these in a while! (apparently Robin doesn’t like to see new movies) BUT we finally both saw THE TOWN. Directed by Ben Affleck. Okay this movie was wayy over rated. like “up in the air”, I was very disappointed. NOTHING HAPPENED. Ben robs bank, ben falls in love with girl, ben cant tell her who he really is, blah blah blah, shooting, blah blah blah, a few witty lines, blah, the end. AND don’t get me started on Blake Lively, what the hell was she doing in this movie?!!!! Its not hard to act like your high on oxy cotton, they could have chosen any no name for the part and it would have been much more authentic. In all, this movie just seemed like it was trying too hard to be a badass heist movie but it just ended being a bad version of SNATCH, except substitute the awesome pikey accents with annoying boston ones, and the talent/hilariously entertaining plot with no talent and a plot that I could have written in gr 5. So I guess its not like Snatch at all. Damn Snatch was awesome.

Hey Laura, did you know that eating bananas will decrease your symptoms of PMS?  You should eat some.
This movie was great.  I once married a guy from Boston, his name was Matt Damon, he took me to red sox games and fed me beer by the tub.  Okay, I actually just dreamed about that. Anyways, I have a thing for boston accents.  I have a thing for Ben and Matt…I mean have you seen Good Will Hunting?  Hello?  Anyways, the Boston accents didn’t bother me, in fact I rather enjoyed them.  This movie not only inspired me to rob more banks but it also gave me some great ideas for my upcoming Halloween outfit.  I was actually surprised at Blake Lively’s performance. Isn’t she the girl that gossips a lot and wore those sista-pants?  She pulled off the oxy-cotton Bostonion well I thought, especially if her only formal acting training is wearing pants.   I give this movie a 3 out of 5.  It was better than Reindeer Games but not as good as Good Will Hunting.  Also, since I know Ben will be reading this, I’d like to take this opportunity to invite him to my birthday party.  It’ll be around the 17 of February. (Don’t worry Laura isn’t invited)  Hugs!

Also if you want to enter a super fabulous contest win a night out on the town enter here.

New Section Alert!!!
Okay so I have this talented intern.  His name is Cass King.  We call him the King of the Cass.  Little something I stirred up, no big deal.. I’m pretty funny.

Anyways, sometimes I don’t have anything exciting to give him so I tell him to look for pictures and other boring stuff.  Well, no longer will his life be lived in shambles.  He is now the dedicated creator of our photoshop-faceoff picture contest.

Here’s the deal, look at the pic below and tell us how many weird random stuff is in it that doesn’t belong.  The first right person will have a poem written about him/her (written by Cass to give him more stuff to do) and published on here!  Are you hungry for fame???  This will be the fastest way to climb the fame ladder from z to a!  Click on the picture to make it full size, it will blow your mind!

this video is too cute.  Watch it and you will have a good day.

Most people don’t know this but Justin Bieber is actually of Japanese descent. Some may say he hails from Stratford Ontario, but those folks are wrong. Dead wrong.

Justin Bieber is a talented little japanese man. He can sing, he can dance, he can rock a side-swipe-douche-do like no other.  Justin wanted to try something new and fresh.  Something that had never been done before.  His mom suggested a wig line, his dad suggested a shirt that makes you look like you have absolutely no body definition.  He shunned them both and decided to take on the most logical venture: a nail polish line.

Now, most of you might say that there have been many nail polish lines in the past.  To this I say, true, but have these said nail polish lines had the tears of a baby, the sweat of one less lonely girl and the chest hair of (future) Beiber himself. Nine! (that means no in German and possibly Japanese)

Nail Polish

Can’t say this is new, but its super cool.

Since August 2005, “We Feel Fine” has been harvesting human feelings from a large number of weblogs. Every few minutes, the system searches the world’s newly posted blog entries for occurrences of the phrases “I feel” and “I am feeling”. The result is a database of several million human feelings, increasing by 15,000 – 20,000 new feelings per day!

Each particle represents a feeling from somewhere in the world, so click on them and go wild!
You can change the way the data is sorted at the bottom left corner to get a different representation of the feelings!


It’s been a long week everyone, but guess what! the long WEEKEND it almost here!! lets celebrate! but before we do, lets get rid of all that pent up anger from the past few days. Come on everyone, grab your nearest computer and go BUCK WILD! wooooo! violence! rock on!!!!

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