2020 Stocking Stuffer Ideas

After publishing our 2020 Holiday Gift Guide we an overwhelming amount of positive feedback. We also had a lot of people asking if we had any good suggestions for stocking stuffers. Our first suggestion is to buy a small stocking so it always looks over-stuffed. Our second suggestion is to purchase everything from this blog.

This Adorable “Paws” air freshener. Perfect for the cat/classic 70’s movie lover

Master Crapsman Poo-Pouri. Perfect for people who have smelly poops.

Bob Ross Talking Bobble Head. Perfect for the aspiring artist.

Screaming Goat. Perfect for any animal lover.

Sloth Tea Infuser. Sloth and tea-lovers rejoice!

David Hasselhoff with a Doggy Snapchat Filter Facemask. Perfect for literally anyone living during pandemic times.

Rubber Chicken Glass Blown Ornament. It’s glass so it’s for fancy people.

Animal Butts Magnets. Because animal bums are cute.

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