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mac and me Well this is super exciting for me.  My favourite movie growing up was Mac and Me.  The movie is about Eric, a young boy in a wheelchair who has just moved to a new neighbourhood and a lost and scared alien, Mac who is also new to the neighbourhood and planet.  Mac and Eric become good friends trying to dodge the evil people at NASA who want Mac for experimental purposes.   For me, this was a movie that I could literally and figuratively watch over and over again.  So I am sooo very excited that Jade Calegory (the man who played Eric) was able to answer our celeb questionnaire.

1) What is your favourite 90’s sitcom?
Seems like a lifetime ago and nothing is really ringing a bell. Even now though I don’t really watch a lot of sitcoms, I mostly am into things like Hells Kitchen or No Reservations. Oh wait I do like Glee too.

2) Do you own any music by Rita MacNeil?

Nope… Am I missing out? (HELL YA YOU ARE!!)

3) Do you have any nicknames?
JRide and Onyx

4) Do you have a favourite youtube video?  If so, what?
Not a favorite video but I do have favorite channels. I was addicted to equals three and sexephil but have gone to youtube rehab and now only watch occasionally..

5) Do you have a favorite hat? If so please describe or send us a photo of you wearing said hat.
I wish I did. I love hats but every time I try one on I never seem to be able to pull it off, it’s sad.

6) Do you have any hidden talents? If so, please describe, or send us a video of you demonstrating said talent.
Tragically nothing like tying a cherry stem into a knot with my tongue but I did become pretty good with wheelchair stunts like launching the chair off flights of steps. I don’t know if that’s a talent though or just being a kid with a few screws loose.

I hope this helps and thanks for the honor of being apart of your blog!  (That’s right he feels honored to be part of our blog…so all you celebs out there that haven’t  gotten back to us yet…take some notes for the amazing actor/designer Jade Calegory..and get on it!)

Vote for either Laura and I! Mines you should probably vote for me!

Here’s mine:

Purple people eater

Here’s Stupid Laura’s (just kidding Laura, you are mad smart.)

Creative space

Want to see a video that little to no one has seen before?  This site is pretty cool, it showcases the least watched (cool) videos on youtube and makes them feel important. I would just like to say if we were on youtube, we would never be on this site because we get like 7zillion hits a day.  No biggie.

Check it out here

Love it or hate it? Let us know!

Literally nothing has ever happened today….except some rumour about Mars and the moon colliding in an intergalactic phenomenon.

Here’s a pic that comes up if you search August 27…its a hybrid version of mars and the moon….perhaps the rumours are true.

Rita and I were chatting the other day about Eminem and Rihanna’s latest music video.  She was all, that bitch (Megan Fox) be crazy.  Anyways then she asked me if I knew what was the first music video to ever be played on air.  I responded “Why yes, Rita, I am a wealth of knowledge.”

The first music video to air (on MTV, August 1, 1981) was “Video Killed the Radio Star” by the Buggles.

Check it out!

So I was reading WIRED the other day and came across an article on a cool online application called “hunch”

Caterina Fake, co-founder of flickr, is in the process of trying to tackle online recommendations with Hunch- trying to find the perfect algorithm that will suggest the perfect song, book, movie, or product. (you know, kind of like when amazon recommends a book based on your previous purchases. but this can prove faulty, assuming that if you purchase one self help book, that you’ll want a bunch of others, but they fail to realize that you only purchased it because you were going through a tough time in your life and you’re better now and you don’t wanna talk about it anymore, okay?! – not speaking from personal experience…) Fakes solution is to get people to talk about themselves, and then, having shared enough information, sift through that data for correlations that provide perfectly tailored recommendations. Its still pretty young, with only about  one million users, of course its not going to be 100% accurate. but that is their ultimate goal. The more people who use it, the more information the hunch algorithm feeds into the grid, the more it can fill in the blanks and improve its suggestions! So hopefully in a few years, users can go to this site to get deep insights in real time. like “what type of herpes cream should I buy??” or “why is he just not that into me??!!!” and the answer may be “because you have herpes.”

But for now the site is a fun way to pass the time and answer quirky questions. Here are a few funny correlations that hunch has found, I think the oprah one is pretty accurate:

if you believe in UFO’s —-> you most likely prefer pepsi over coke
if you own a pitbull ——-> you most likely find mario lopez attractive
if you are an only child —> you are most likely a cat person
if you believe in angels —-> you most likely watch oprah

SEE FOR YOURSELF! and help build hunch into a super social search engine.

1- Today is Kiss-and-Makeup day.
2-Today is National Secondhand Wardrobe day.
3- In 1939, The Wizard of Oz was first released.
4- Don’t tell my heart, my achy break heart but Billy Ray Cyrus turns 49 today.
5- Speaking of Billy Ray, if you type August 25th in google images, this one is the first to come up.  Oh Miley.

New section alert.  Paul is a young, strapping man who works at our office.  He knows how to do everything.  He is the person I go to whenever I have a problem; whether it be about my computer, car, boyfriend, great uncle, the rain, pandas, slow cooker recipes or taxes.. Paul always has the solution.

Paul has also introduced me to many random foods like 99% cocoa chocolate bar (mildly disgusting) and banana chips (I would recommend these).  He also sends us random videos and articles sometimes that are totally blog worthy.  Hence us starting up a ‘Paul Says’ section.

Here is a video that Paul would like you to watch.  I think it’s pretty great.

Photo of actor Michael Richards at the 1993 Em...

Image via Wikipedia

1- Kramer (Michael Richards) turns 60 today.
2-In 2006, Pluto was demoted to a dwarf planet.
3- In 1981, Mark David Chapman was sentenced to 20 years to life for John Lennon’s murder.
4-  Amelia Earhart was the first woman to fly across the USA non stop (from Las Angeles to Newark, New Jersey)  In case anyone was wondering, I was the second.
5- This is our 217th post.  I was born on Feb. 17 that’s (2.17) Kinda eerie right. Not really, but it’s basically my birthday and I will accept presents.

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