Charlie st. Cloud (aka charlie st. I wont ever get those two hours of my life back) movie review

Okay. First I would like to start by saying  that it was not my decision to see this movie. Being the best daughter in the world is a tough job, and my position was tested last night when I agreed to see Charlie St. Cloud with my lovely mother. Secondly, Robin I don’t expect you to see this movie and review it, I dont wish that upon anyone. This review is merely a warning to anyone who may be tempted by the appeal of shirtless Zack Effron. STAY BACK! its a TRICK!

Within the first ten minutes of the movie, Effron loses his younger brother  in a terrible car accident, attends his funeral and begins to see his ghost. The moment he said to his ghost brother “I will come here, every day at sunset and play catch with you…I promise” is when I popped a handful of advil rapid releases in hopes of slipping into a mild comatose state wherein I could endure the remaining hour and fifty minutes of the movie.

Here’s what I managed to get out of it as I drifted in and out of consciousness: Effrons brother dies, he plays catch with him. he loses his zeal for life. he meets girl. girls gets into sailing accident, lost at sea. zack has a vision that she is still alive. zack steals boat to find her. zack takes his shirt off (pause for visual) to keep her warm. zack saves her life. zacks brother becomes a tiny orb, which I can only assume represents his ascent into heaven. the end.

This movie gets ZERO ritas out of five. But on a different scale, I give this movie 5 shirtless zack effrons. because frankly, the movie needed more of it.

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