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I always knew online gamers had something up their wizard sleeves. Behind those sweaty palms and cheeto-stained chins, there are mad scientists at work – and they may just be the key to huge advancements in aids research! What?! how is that even POSSIBLE?! it’s possible, and it happened. Using the online game foldit, gamers accuratley predicted the structure of a retroviral enzyme that has stumped scientists for more than a decade –  wow I bet those scientists feel really dumb. for real. Experts are saying this discovery could also spark new projects between scientists and gamers across the planet! (or the ENTIIIIIIRE UNIVERSE, according to the gaming nerds). So go visit a local gamer near you and give them a pat on the back for a job well played, and maybe stay for a crustless peanut butter sandwich and sunny-D lunch prepared lovingly by their mother – thanks mom!

Aries:  Overalls WILL come back in style.  It’s up to you Aries.

Libra:  Do not trust anything with corn in it today.

Taurus: Umbrella’s will not harm you today…BUT they may harm other people, so beware and be protective.

Scorpio: Check you email, something important is waiting for you.  If not, you may be suffering from a rare email disorder know as spam.

Gemini: I don’t like Gemini’s.  Never have. You don’t deserve a horoscope.

Cancer:  You smell like fish sticks.  Take a bath.  If not, don’t be social tonight.

Leo: You owe it to yourself to give yourself a facemask. stay away from the chocolate one though, you may be tempted to eat it.

Virgo: Matt Damon once said “Darn tootin, I am the most hansom man alive! And Im getting rich because of it!” There is alot to learn from this quote.

Sagittarius: Its time to start doing what you’ve been putting off for quite some time now…put on your unitard…and hand out coupons infront of nofrills, you were born to do it.

Capricorn: the strong silent type, I’ve always liked you. I predict you will need to speak up this weekend when you wake up to that young kid from Home improvement spooning you in your bed. a) where the hell has he been all these years? and b)why couldnt I wake up to someone cooler?

Aquarius: You and ellen degeneris will have a table straddling contest this weekend It will be the most exciting time of your life.

Pisces: eat more berries. not the blue ones, they will make your urine smell funny

Ophiuchus: I dont like you

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Butter Is our new guest blogger! He will be covering all things sports!  Before I bring him in, perhaps you would like to learn a little more about him. Butter was born in a small small town, too small to even describe. He has a pet hamster named frank, and he loves the musical les miserables!  Butter, what would you like to say?

Butter: “in the words of Kenny Powers, YOU’RE FUCKIN OUT!”

Thanks Butter! Stay tuned blog universe from more from our good friend butter.

This is funny because old people are funny.  I am going to be old one day so I am allowed to say that.

Give it a watch.  You won’t be disappointed!

We were featured on design edge!  What what!

Unfortunately they cut the part about how Laura and I are the bread and butter of the magazine…but that’s okay.  It’s still pretty cool anyways.  Check out the article here!

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