Online Gamers: Our Homebody Heroes

I always knew online gamers had something up their wizard sleeves. Behind those sweaty palms and cheeto-stained chins, there are mad scientists at work – and they may just be the key to huge advancements in aids research! What?! how is that even POSSIBLE?! it’s possible, and it happened. Using the online game foldit, gamers accuratley predicted the structure of a retroviral enzyme that has stumped scientists for more than a decade –  wow I bet those scientists feel really dumb. for real. Experts are saying this discovery could also spark new projects between scientists and gamers across the planet! (or the ENTIIIIIIRE UNIVERSE, according to the gaming nerds). So go visit a local gamer near you and give them a pat on the back for a job well played, and maybe stay for a crustless peanut butter sandwich and sunny-D lunch prepared lovingly by their mother – thanks mom!

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