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Even though Greys totally sucks nowadays, I still enjoy a good sneak peak.

Okay so Robin and I have both been putting off seeing Avatar because we think James Cameron is the biggest douchebag ever. Last night I was practically forced to watch it (Im sorry robin!). And thats not all…I actually…loved it. OH GOD I FEEL LIKE SUCH A HACK! I give it 4.5 christmas ritas out of 5. There was a 0.5 reduction for doucheyness.

Well, Laura.  Thank you for that great review… not.  I am going to have to completely disagree with you and give it a measely one rita scoundreling behind her hat.  Ya that’s right, she can’t even raise her head high enough to be a rating because that’s how much this movie sucked.  I know some of you might disagree with me since I have not in fact seen the movie….but I have seen Pocahontas after drinking a gallon of gin and I’m pretty positive it’s the same experience… they both (guaranteed) end in vomit.

and we all know that Thursday is international Proclaimers day. So put on your walkin’ shoes and tell that special someone how you feel!

I made a whale sand scupture when I was a kid that looked slightly like a squirrel.  It’s amazing what people can do with actual sand sculpting talent.  Booya.  To check out a bunch of other crazy sand sculptures click here.

Life without theses iconic products is simply unimaginable.

The infamous grafiti artist, Banksy, who is recognized for his satirical and politically charged street art, premiered “exit through the gift shop” at the 2010 Sundance festival, receiving rave reviews. The official release date for canada is May 7th! so keep your eyes peeled! in the meantime, check out the trailer HERE

…here’s glee karaoke en español! ay burrito!

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