Avatar review

Okay so Robin and I have both been putting off seeing Avatar because we think James Cameron is the biggest douchebag ever. Last night I was practically forced to watch it (Im sorry robin!). And thats not all…I actually…loved it. OH GOD I FEEL LIKE SUCH A HACK! I give it 4.5 christmas ritas out of 5. There was a 0.5 reduction for doucheyness.

Well, Laura.  Thank you for that great review… not.  I am going to have to completely disagree with you and give it a measely one rita scoundreling behind her hat.  Ya that’s right, she can’t even raise her head high enough to be a rating because that’s how much this movie sucked.  I know some of you might disagree with me since I have not in fact seen the movie….but I have seen Pocahontas after drinking a gallon of gin and I’m pretty positive it’s the same experience… they both (guaranteed) end in vomit.

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