2021 Psychic Predictions!

These will likely be the most accurate psychic predictions of all times. Not sure if you know this but we predicted such things as Justin Timberlake being nominated for an Oscar and what Aries ate for breakfast on a Tuesday in July. So if you want a glimpse into 2021 look no further. We’ve got a wide array of predictions that are 103% likely to happen.

• Beets or Beats will be recalled (not sure if it is the root vegetable or the headphones, our spirit guides don’t spell things out)

• Katy Perry will release a new original Christmas song that will rival Mariah’s “All I Want for Christmas is You”

• You or someone you know will leave their phone at the eye doctors

• Jim Carey will die in real life or possibly in a movie. Not sure, again spirit guides aren’t being specific

• A new hit TV gameshow will come out where the contestants are entirely virtual

• A new species of frog will be discovered

• Aquarius: you will attend an appointment on the wrong day you will leave and buy a donut on your way home to make yourself feel better

• Mindy Kaling will stumble across this blog and will give us $22 million (Canadian) to write her personal daily horoscopes, we also become best friends (but still take the money)

• Philip Baker Hall (Mr. Bookman, the library cop from Seinfeld) will pass over to the spiritual world

• Taurus: You will have a sudden desire to start burning incense on Wednesdays

• Aries: Stop stressing, broccoli will go on sale at least 57 times in 2021

• The Grammy’s will be hosted by someone in their pyjamas

• Kermit the frog will get back together with Miss Piggy

• A sugar fuelled diet will become the next craze in weight loss

• Barack Obama will give a commencement speech that will go viral. He will use many quotes from the 2007 classic movie Mr. Bean’s Holiday

• The show, Family Feud will finally end, as no families are feuding in 2021. All will be at peace.

• Smoked Ham will change their name to Jimmy Jambon

• Carly Rae Jepson will finally get the recognition she deserves!

• Tegan and Sarah will develop a Canadian sitcom called Canadian Sister Sister

• A new way of pooping will be invented. Hint: it requires duct tape and A LOT of bubblewrap!

• There will be a new book released called “We are soooo psychic”…

• Tik Tok will be purchased by a man named Rick. He’ll change the name To Rick Tok, where you can talk with him about all things Rick.

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