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Okay…listen up “Urban Noize”, first of all, I don’t appreciate your inclusion of a “Z” in a perfectly fine word just because it looks urban. Secondly, who the HELL do you think you ARE?! You think you can take three of the greatest artists of the 21st century and mix them in your basement, release it, and think people will eat it up? well they will, and those people are really really DUMB. You know what, I’m not mad at you Urban Noize, no, Im mad at the audience today, what they desire, what they have become. No appreciation for REAL music anymore, just Dubstep and reworked versions of music’s past. Urban Noize, even though you claim this is not an official release but rather a dedication to all three artists, it doesn’t get you off the hook. I see people on youtube who fart in front of their computer and get famous, this is NO different. You have just farted in front of me, Urban Noize, and the rest of society, and while I sit by and plug my nose, others are basking in its warmth. So bask everyone, but like a fart, Urban’s “Noize” will gradually fade, leaving it to REAL artists to clear the air. BOOYA!
How did you feel about the album, Robin?

Hey Laura. Are you feeling slightly bloated today?  Do you need to take a midol?  Don’t get your knickers in a knot.  Some people fart out blog posts.  Well most people don’t.  Laura just farted on the keyboard and that gawd awful post appeared.  Seriously Laura, the album (while not the best collaboration I’ve ever heard) is actually pretty good.  You just need to open your mind and close your fart hole.    I think if you listened to this album before you’d ever listened to anything by Adele, Kanye or Jay’d be like alright, alright, great album.  But as you said before these are 3 of the greatest artist of the 21st century, so it’s hard to not expect the most epic, mind blowing, panties on fire, best album ever.  I understand your panties are not on fire, but that doesn’t mean it’s not decent music.  Ya, that’s right, I called it music.   There is so much awful, ear aching music out there that when someone remixes something, from a song or album that is already amazing, it is obviously going to better than half of the crap you hear on the radio today.  I’m talking directly to you Chad Kroeger.  You are crap and you should cut your hair.  Hippie.  Hey Laura remember when we interviewed Chad Kroeger?  Read it here.

You can listen to the album here.  Then tell us what you think!

Tyra, girl, you crazy.

See what happens when Jimmy Kimmel asks parents to send in clips of them telling their children they ate all of their halloween candy – a compilation of some hilarious outbursts. Hey those kids worked hard for their candy, we’d be pissed too!

Our Little pop sensation has popped out a new one, and no its not his highly anticipated christmas album, its a real live BABY! A young woman from texas claimed he planted the seed after one of his shows. He reportedly lured her to his bieber shack and seduced her with his smooth voice and 16 year-old charm. When she insisted they use protection, he claimed he was on the pill.

We called Justin earlier this morning to get his side of the story only to find him drunk and disgruntled. “IT’S NOT MINE! FU** OFF! SHE’S LYING” he screamed. After telling him to calm down, he started weeping openly to us. “okay, okay, Ill kiss and tell, its mine. It’s mine” a tearful Justin cried. And then he started singing “baby baby baby ohhhhh, baby baby baby NO!!!!!”. thats when we hung up.

Oh biebs. you’re all grown up. We couldn’t be more proud!
We see big things happening from this! A whole new bieber baby line called “knock you up”. HUGE success!
Congrats B!

November first represents a great many things!  It is the day that Oprah’s long lost sister was born, it is the day christmas music starts playing on the radio, and best of all, it is international yellow and green balloon day! wow!

Here are some more interesting facts about November first.

• Its all saints day! you should probably listen to their music to celebrate.
• The beginning of Movember! We’ve started growing our stashes, Robins winning, obviously
• Its “hug a straight sailor day” in boston. Good luck finding a straight sailor! And boston, who the hell knows where that is!
•  Today is the day that rice was first boiled and eaten. A discovery made by a Japanese man named Yim Po, in 1382.
• Nov 1st marks the day that paperclips were invented. In 1873, Doctor Allen Frankleiner was sitting in his office looking for something to fasten his stack of papers together. He found a long piece of metel on the floor that broke off of a patients leg brace (it was probably forest gump), and bent it in such a way that held the pages tightly. And the rest is history!

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