Bieber a baby daddy!!!

Our Little pop sensation has popped out a new one, and no its not his highly anticipated christmas album, its a real live BABY! A young woman from texas claimed he planted the seed after one of his shows. He reportedly lured her to his bieber shack and seduced her with his smooth voice and 16 year-old charm. When she insisted they use protection, he claimed he was on the pill.

We called Justin earlier this morning to get his side of the story only to find him drunk and disgruntled. “IT’S NOT MINE! FU** OFF! SHE’S LYING” he screamed. After telling him to calm down, he started weeping openly to us. “okay, okay, Ill kiss and tell, its mine. It’s mine” a tearful Justin cried. And then he started singing “baby baby baby ohhhhh, baby baby baby NO!!!!!”. thats when we hung up.

Oh biebs. you’re all grown up. We couldn’t be more proud!
We see big things happening from this! A whole new bieber baby line called “knock you up”. HUGE success!
Congrats B!


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