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Photoshop Face-off round deuce!

Posted on: October 22, 2010

Here’s our second round of the photoshop face-off.  Our last contest was a great success although I’d like to clear somethings up before allowing this contest to continue.  To place your guess you must comment on the post.  I got about 11,794 emails with answers last time we ran this and my computer actually blew up.  You can use a fake email address but know that if you use a fake name, your poetry will be about that said fake person.  Again, the first winner will get a poem written about them by my lovely intern Cass (who is gentleman and a scholar.)

Good luck to all participants!

Click on the pic if you want to make it bigger!

10 Responses to "Photoshop Face-off round deuce!"

There is 72 on the dot.

My mom was born on the 30 of January so I guess 27.


13? I like will smith.


¿Dónde está la estación de autobús más cercana?


Somebody said 72, but I only counted 16.

Oh, somebody already said 16.

My guess is now 17. (In case I missed one)

Who is the winna!?!? Itching for new poetry over here!

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