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Have you ever wondered what your name means?  I know I have!  Well we decided to take the last few months off and travel the entire world to find out the meaning behind every single name in the history of mankind.

We’ve had to create a whole new blog which you can find here.  It’s going to take us a while to get all of the names and their definitions on the site so if you have any specific names you’d like to see send let us know!  We promise we will post them as quick as we can!


This is actually are 201th post but still a day to celebrate.
Laura and I would like to thank everyone for reading our blog and for making us the number 1 blog on the internet (in very specific areas).

We’d like to celebrate with a funny hat.  Also donations of ridiculously large amounts of money can be email transfered to or  It’s a celebration…we love gifts..especially monetary ones.

Big news!  We have had countless emails asking us how to subscribe to our blog.  Seriously we get like 1000 a day…it’s outta control really.  We have put a subscribe button on our blog now.  It’s right there to the right >>>> See it?  Put your email in there and whiggity wham, you will be subscribed.  It will be the best decision you have ever made in your life.  Believe me.
We’ve also added a search bar in case you want to search for something awesome.  For example search kick the burger and see what comes up!
OH and go ahead and rate our blogs now.  The best rated blogs will immediately be nominated for blog post of the year by blog post international.
Also, if you haven’t seen it, we’ve finally written our bios.  Check those out too, to learn more about myself and the lovely Laura Stradiotto.

Welcome to our blog. We’ve decided to make a blog. We’re not entirely sure what about yet but we know it will be awesome. We’re designers so maybe we will talk about design or maybe we will talk about other stuff we like.

We sure do like a lot of stuff like music, movies, calculators with large buttons, phones with large buttons, miniature quiche and lots lots more.

So follow us and you will love your life much more.

Oh and here is a video of one of our most favourite things…burger kicking. You are very welcome.

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