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We were featured on design edge!  What what!

Unfortunately they cut the part about how Laura and I are the bread and butter of the magazine…but that’s okay.  It’s still pretty cool anyways.  Check out the article here!

Laura and I are designers (in case you didn’t know that by our blog name).  We set up this blog to primarily discuss design stuff…but we’ve clearly veered off that path.  I like the randomness of our blog, but we thought today we’d show some respect to all those hard working designers out there.  We mostly design magazines but we respect all forms of design from jewelry making to furniture to body art.  This is a cool site where people can sell their original designs.  Want a unique chair for your kitchen, a weird looking toaster?  Well Etsy has it all!

I thought this baby shirt was cute.  I mean it’s a baby and he’s wearing a tie..genious!

There is so much to choose from on this site and the super cool thing is you can also sell your own designs.  So design something cool and become a millionaire.

This is a cool site for designers. It’s called Pictaculous. Just upload your picture and it will give you swatches to use. Pretty cool I say, click here to see what our celeb guest has to say.

This is a pretty nifty website that you can create super cool background.


Background design thingy

You just learned something cool.

Here’s a picture I made. Wow! Our blog is really off the charts!

Welcome to our blog. We’ve decided to make a blog. We’re not entirely sure what about yet but we know it will be awesome. We’re designers so maybe we will talk about design or maybe we will talk about other stuff we like.

We sure do like a lot of stuff like music, movies, calculators with large buttons, phones with large buttons, miniature quiche and lots lots more.

So follow us and you will love your life much more.

Oh and here is a video of one of our most favourite things…burger kicking. You are very welcome.

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