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Our latest interview is with Robert Munsch. Munsch is known and loved by many for his unique storytelling methods and his amazing children’s books. Munsch has written over 50 books, including The Paper Bag Princess, Mortimer, I love you forever and Smelly Socks
I approached Robert Munsch with 6 questions. He answered only 2, but don’t worry Bob…we will still Love you Forever (get it??). Instead of leaving his unanswered questions blank I’ve decided to answer them for him since I feel like we are very close (My mom is a super famous author big deal)…so our lives are probably very similar.

1) What is your favourite 90’s sitcom?
*this is what I think he’d say.
I really liked Family Matters, I also really like cheese so I could really relate to Steve Eurkel.

2) Do you own any music by Rita MacNeil?
*this is what I think he’d say.
Are you kidding me? I love Rita MacNeil, half of my books are inspired by her music!

3) Do you have any nicknames?
*this is what I think he’d say.
Bobby, Bobster, The Munschster, Bobby M, Lloyd and Clive

4) Do you have a favorite hat? If so please describe or send us a photo of you wearing said hat
I have a Tilley Hat and an Australian Leather hat.

5) Do you have any hidden talents? If so, please describe, or send us a video of you demonstrating said talent.
I pick up trash while I walk my dog.

6) Do you have a favourite youtube video? If so, what?
*this is what I think he’d like.

This is an old video. I mean it’s from last year…but to me it’s old because I’ve seen it before. Kyle (he works with us, he likes kid rock.) was just watching it for the first time and I thought maybe other people haven’t seen it before.

Well it is another video that makes me feel really really uncomfortable. Apparently this interview as well as Joaquin Phoenix ridiculous rap career was all a hoax for a mockumentary by Casey Affleck, you can read all about it here.

Conan O’brien (before he quit the tonight show) being interviewed by Zach Galifiankis.  So awkward.  So great.  See more with Zach at

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