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Today is a special day.  Laura doesn’t have to work today (pirates don’t work Monday’s)  Here are some special facts about today.

1- The Rolling Stones performed their first ever concert, at the Marquee Club in London in 1962.
2- Jello activist, Bill Cosby turns 73 today.
3- That crazy rapper Magoo turns 37 today, bet he’s celebrating with some pudding pops.
4- In 2007, the american homeless guy Mr. Butch died.  He was an iconic Boston street figure
5- In 1804, former United States Secretary of the Treasury, Alexander Hamilton died after being shot in a duel.  This is mainly interesting because it involves a duel.

I would like to see Bill Cosby and Magoo duel.
That being said, here’s Bill’s attempt at a music career.  Great success.

Pirates be pretty awesome. They wear short britches an’ eye patches.

We love pirates and how they speak. Here’s a super cool pirate translator!


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