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We’re so sorry to all you avid, starved, depraved fans out there.  We have been super busy at work and haven’t been able to blog.  If you would like to pay us to blog (atleast 10k a week) we would be happy to quit our jobs.

To show how sorry we are, Laura is going to wear this poop hat all week.  Doesn’t she look funny?  It’s like someone pooped on her head.  I’m going to look at her and laugh.

1- Today is “Be an Angel” day.  Basically do nice things today.  I hope it’s not too late and you weren’t really mean today, I should have wrote this post earlier.
2- 25 years ago today a true angel was actually born.  That angel is Laura Stradiotto.  Some say Laura is not an angel and that her natural glow is just due to the fact that she was conceived in nuclear sewage.  Some say that is also why she has a brother that was born on the exact same day as her.  I say, Horseradish!  I have seen Laura dance to”Single Ladies” and  I know that only an angel could move like she can.

Happy Birthday Laura! Happy birthday to your brother too (pictured below)

This is actually are 201th post but still a day to celebrate.
Laura and I would like to thank everyone for reading our blog and for making us the number 1 blog on the internet (in very specific areas).

We’d like to celebrate with a funny hat.  Also donations of ridiculously large amounts of money can be email transfered to or  It’s a celebration…we love gifts..especially monetary ones.

Wednesday is one of my all time favourite days (next to friday, saturday and sunday ofcourse).

Why is it one of my favourite days you ponder?  Well, it’s because it is scientifically proven that people are more likely to wear ridiculous hats in the middle of the week than at any other time.  This desire is caused by the lack of potassium in our system causing poor judgement and a feeling of need to rebel from ones wardrobe.   Check out what this guy wore last wednesday.  A true gem!

Its Friday! and what better way to kickoff the weekeend than by flaunting your favorite rainbow hat! This hat is a huge chick magnet. Wear it out to the bar tonight and order a pretty lady something nice to drink. She’ll appreciate your kindness and knowledge of the refractive dispersion of sunlight in drops of mist.

Have you ever taken a picture and then after thought, oh damn…I was totally facing the wrong direction.  Well, this invention will make certain that this never happens again.  Introducing the 360° camera.  This camera is also another high fashion hat created by one of Japans most prestigious designers.  With this hat, you could take on a new profession as a wedding photographer, or a russian spy.  Since the hat is so compact and unnoticeable you could literally wear it anywhere and blend in with any crowd!

Well, I don’t know about all of you but I suffer from seasonal allergies.  The worst is when I’m walking along and my nose starts to dribble….and I don’t have any kleenex.  It’s an embarrassing and awkward situation. What do you do?  Do you wipe it on your sleeve?  Ew?  Do you roll around in the grass to secretively get your boogers off your face?  I don’t think that would work since the grass is what causes the allergy in the first place.  Well Japanese scientist have come up with a solution to this problem.  A portable allergy hat.  This high quality fashion can be worn literally anywhere.  At the office, bridal party, at da club, anywhere!

I’m not sure if you blog readers know this but, wednesday is typically the day we have the least amount of potassium in our system.
Here’s a funny hat that will remind you to eat a banana and keep your potassium up!

Have you ever been so tired on your commute home that you just wanted to take a quick cat nap…but you are afraid you might look like an idiot and fall over? Well have no fear, the sleeping hat is here! Now you no longer have to worry about falling over when you are sleeping on the go. Sleep standing or sitting, this hat will keep you safe even in the bumpiest of rides.

Today’s funny hat is brought to you by juicy jumbos.
It’s friday. Be thankful.

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