A-typical clothing-Since you can’t be naked all the time

We have had a young fellow by the name of Justin Beiber, I mean…Logan Traynor interning with us for like ever.  He actually gets paid now so I guess he’s not an intern.  Here’s a couple cool facts about the good old Logster.  1. He’s always very tired. 2. He has a birthday. 3. He owns his own clothing company.  WHAT?  An intern that does something other than interning?   His clothes are actually super cool so being the nice co-workers that we are we’ve decided to  create some publicity for Logan. (Your welcome Logan!)  Girls, he looks just like Justin Beiber…(seriously it’s kinda freaky)  So, if you continue visiting this blog and check out his super cool clothing site maybe you could win a date with him!!

Here’s one of the shirts Logan gave me for Christmas (isn’t he sweet…just like Beiber I’m telling ya!)

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