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Okay…listen up “Urban Noize”, first of all, I don’t appreciate your inclusion of a “Z” in a perfectly fine word just because it looks urban. Secondly, who the HELL do you think you ARE?! You think you can take three of the greatest artists of the 21st century and mix them in your basement, release it, and think people will eat it up? well they will, and those people are really really DUMB. You know what, I’m not mad at you Urban Noize, no, Im mad at the audience today, what they desire, what they have become. No appreciation for REAL music anymore, just Dubstep and reworked versions of music’s past. Urban Noize, even though you claim this is not an official release but rather a dedication to all three artists, it doesn’t get you off the hook. I see people on youtube who fart in front of their computer and get famous, this is NO different. You have just farted in front of me, Urban Noize, and the rest of society, and while I sit by and plug my nose, others are basking in its warmth. So bask everyone, but like a fart, Urban’s “Noize” will gradually fade, leaving it to REAL artists to clear the air. BOOYA!
How did you feel about the album, Robin?

Hey Laura. Are you feeling slightly bloated today?  Do you need to take a midol?  Don’t get your knickers in a knot.  Some people fart out blog posts.  Well most people don’t.  Laura just farted on the keyboard and that gawd awful post appeared.  Seriously Laura, the album (while not the best collaboration I’ve ever heard) is actually pretty good.  You just need to open your mind and close your fart hole.    I think if you listened to this album before you’d ever listened to anything by Adele, Kanye or Jay’d be like alright, alright, great album.  But as you said before these are 3 of the greatest artist of the 21st century, so it’s hard to not expect the most epic, mind blowing, panties on fire, best album ever.  I understand your panties are not on fire, but that doesn’t mean it’s not decent music.  Ya, that’s right, I called it music.   There is so much awful, ear aching music out there that when someone remixes something, from a song or album that is already amazing, it is obviously going to better than half of the crap you hear on the radio today.  I’m talking directly to you Chad Kroeger.  You are crap and you should cut your hair.  Hippie.  Hey Laura remember when we interviewed Chad Kroeger?  Read it here.

You can listen to the album here.  Then tell us what you think!

Do you love music?  Do you love not being naked?  Well, we’ve got the website for you!

The staff at Guataca Music Wear are hardcore music fans and believe that nothing says ‘rock and roll’ like the emblematic black band t-shirt.  Created by world class designers these t-shirts are being brought to you as a part of a movement to help ensure children across the country have access to music programs at school.

Guataca wha?  What does guataca mean?  Guataca is Venezuelan slang. The word is used to describe musicians who have the ability to “play by ear.” If you have Guataca, making music is something that will come naturally.

When you purchase a Guataca Music Wear tee, a portion of the proceeds is donated directly to MusiCounts, a Canadian music education charity. MusiCounts’ mission is to insist that all Canadian children, regardless of cultural background or socio-economic circumstances have access to a comprehensive music program through their school.

Check out Guataca Music Wear today and support a kid who wants to play the guitar or the drums or flute or saxaphone or harp or banjo or xylophone or trumpet or the weird kid who just likes to snap.  Don’t be this guy, be cool and buy a t-shirt.

Most people don’t know this but Justin Bieber is actually of Japanese descent. Some may say he hails from Stratford Ontario, but those folks are wrong. Dead wrong.

Justin Bieber is a talented little japanese man. He can sing, he can dance, he can rock a side-swipe-douche-do like no other.  Justin wanted to try something new and fresh.  Something that had never been done before.  His mom suggested a wig line, his dad suggested a shirt that makes you look like you have absolutely no body definition.  He shunned them both and decided to take on the most logical venture: a nail polish line.

Now, most of you might say that there have been many nail polish lines in the past.  To this I say, true, but have these said nail polish lines had the tears of a baby, the sweat of one less lonely girl and the chest hair of (future) Beiber himself. Nine! (that means no in German and possibly Japanese)

Nail Polish

Love it or hate it? Let us know!

Rita and I were chatting the other day about Eminem and Rihanna’s latest music video.  She was all, that bitch (Megan Fox) be crazy.  Anyways then she asked me if I knew what was the first music video to ever be played on air.  I responded “Why yes, Rita, I am a wealth of knowledge.”

The first music video to air (on MTV, August 1, 1981) was “Video Killed the Radio Star” by the Buggles.

Check it out!

Okay big news. We are officially the coolest people ever.  We’ve decided that since we are growing in popularity (1  trillion views a day, no biggie) that we should start interviewing Canadian Celebrities who we think are pretty awesome. And The Arkells front man, Max Kerman, was the first to respond! Thanks Max.

The Arkells formed in Hamilton a while back (formerly known as Charlemagne), and have been rising in popularity since the release of their kick-ass first album, Jackson Square, in 2008.  And to top it off, they won a Juno award for Best “New group of the Year” this past May. We were lucky enough to catch them at the Burlington Sound of Music Fest where they put on a stellar performance, followed by an encore of one of my all time favourite motown songs “Aint too proud to beg”.

So in short, we think they are great and you should too!
Check out Max’s answers below!

1) What is your favourite 90’s sitcom?
Hang Time/City Guys

2) Do you own any music by Rita MacNeil?

3) Do you have any nicknames?
Lately my fiend Julian has been calling me “Moon” because apparently, “I’m not the sun” – reaaallllly bad Arkells joke.

4) Do you have a favourite youtube video? If so, what?
I saw this one recently, i’m a sucker from sports montages:

5) Do you have a favorite hat? If so, please describe or send us a photo of you wearing said hat.
it’s a Milwaukee Brewers New Era Cap, but their vintage logo. see here:

6) Do you have any hidden talents? If so, please describe, or send us a video of you demonstrating said talent whilst wearing your favourite hat mentioned in question 5.
i dont have any video capabilities, but i’m a pretty good at playing 21 basketball. I will challenge anyone.

Apparently she’s not doing too well. locals say she’s hanging around karaoke bars, singing along to her old songs. ouch.

just kidding! Jewel teams up with funnyordie to give you this:

I know what you are all thinking. It’s raining. I hate the rain. Rain makes my hair frizzy. Rain makes everything wormy.

Well let me tell you. Rain is a good thing. Rain makes corn, corn makes whisky…whisky makes girls frisky. Think about it. Think about it then watch this music video and go play in a big mud puddle.

A friend of mine stumbled upon a musical reference book called “1001 Albums you must hear before you die” edited by Robert Dimery, first published in 2005. He had this crazy idea to listen to each album in Dimery’s book, and review them in order on his blog-clearly he has no life! but his reviews are provocative and hilarious! He’s on album 275, and he has already bashed The Beatles and The Doors, which is when I decided to stop reading out of anger. Nevertheless it sparks a great debate. Check it out here, and see what you think!

Is it me or do these 2 songs sound very similar?  Mhmmm.

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