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Rachel Reilly was absolutely devastated after her fiance Brendon got voted off  of the show.  She was so distraught so Jordan suggested that they give her a makeover.  Rachel suggested dying her hair a drastic color.  Since they didn’t have access to any hair dye on the set they used koolaid packages and markers. I assume it will be washed out by the time the next episode airs so I thought I’d share this pic with all you big brother fans.


So Julie Chen called me yesterday to tell me that Rachel is preggers. She has been having a hooker show-mance on big brother with Brendon, the swim coach and self proclaimed scientist.
Sources (Julie) say that she has been feeling the under the weather and her belly has gotten quite large very quickly. Julie says it probably isn’t Brendons baby since she looks as though she could be around 4-5 months.
Ohhhh girl. We will see how this unfolds in weeks to come.

These facts may not be in fact, factual.

oooh baby. Laura and I both watch this juicy jambalaya.
Stay with us for juicy juicy gossip on all of the members of the house.

We are actually like super tight with Julie Chen. We even have a picture of her on our blog. Proof that we are friends. She’s going to give us the juice and if you read our blog we will tell you everything!

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