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We are designers and we design stuff.  Right Laura?

Right Robin.

The original point of this blog was to promote cool design stuff that we came across.  We then realized that we are really funny and awesome and we wrote about alot more stuff.  Anyways, to get back to our roots (don’t worry we’ll still post other awesome stuff) here is a cool video you should watch about a pretty disgusting but awesome billboard that WB came out with to promote their new movie Contagion.

Also, on a side note here’s a cool contagion contest you can enter.

This invention was sent to us by an avid reader.  Jenelle.  Jenelle is pretty great.

Have you ever been sitting around for hours at a time waiting for your hot noodles to cool down?  I have.  I’ve missed out on many of my lifes milestones due to this problem.  I actually missed my high school graduation, atleast 3 job interviews and have been late for work on numerous occasions because my damn noodles take FOREVER to cool down.  Well, have no fear…the amazing Japanese inventors have done it yet again!  Introducing the noodle fan!  This compact fan will attach on to any size chopstick and weighs only 6 lbs!

I know what I’m having for dinner tonight!  Mashed pototoes….my noodle dryer hasn’t come in the mail yet.

If you have a cool Japanese (or swedish) invention that you think should be featured on our blog…let us know!  Email or  Jenelle did and now she’s famous!

And Im not talking about Olivia Newton John!

Hope you packed a lunch, cause I’m taking you back to pre-school, its CRAYON PHYSICS!

Download a free demo and channel your inner Einstein to solve puzzles using your creativity and knowledge of physics. Its very addictive and strangely relaxing, enjoy!

– L

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