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Alright Alright. So the second autobiography I chose to read is Steve Martin’s titled Born Standing Up.

It was alright, alright.  Not as hilarious as I suspected.  All in all, I think Hulk Holgan would win in a cage fight against Steve Martin…based purely on their autobiography writing skills.

That being is 5 random things you didn’t know about Steve Martin
1– Steve’s first job was at disneyland selling guidebooks on weekends and full-time during the summer school break.  He was like 12 or something..I don’t remember and I’ve already returned the book to the library.
2– Steve had a love affair with Dolly Parton, they bonded through a love of cherry tomatoes.
3-While attending college, Steve appeared in an episode of The Dating Game
4– Steve is a super fantastic magician, bango player and he suffers from ridiculous panic attacks that at one point in his life made him think he was dying.
5– Steve has a tattoo of an upside-down calculator on his left bicep. He got it when he got to too drunk to study for his math final in high school.

2 of these are false.  Can you guess which one?  If you can’t you should just read the book

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