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You’ve stopped taking birth control.  You have discussed wanting to have a baby with your significant other. You and your partner are both aware and ready for the sleepless nights ahead. You are ready for a baby. It’s time to get pregnant, right?

Wrong.  Dead wrong.

Most women don’t think about what having a baby will do to their lives.  They don’t realize the detrimental effect it will have on their fashion sense. Not everyone knows that a baby does not typically match their  favourite outfit. Most moms that carry around their babies in those baby knapsack things look like total and utter douches and they will likely end up on What Not to Wear! I know what your thinking, time to tie the tubes and settle for buying a cat.  Wrong!  Cats aren’t fashionable either (haven’t you ever watched Hoarders?)   Also, the amazing japanese inventors have done it once again, they have solved all your baby fashion nightmares.  These lovely baby sweaters come in a variety of colours and fabrics.  How styling (and not at all creepy) !!

Have you ever been sitting around thinking I’m real thirsty. Then you go to your local water fountain and goodness gracious, nothing comes out??  The brilliant Japanese inventors have yet again solved one of our most complex dilemmas with the personal water saver!    Looks like a super cool (high fashion) upside-down umbrella but it serves more purpose than just protection from the rain…it also saves the water that would otherwise be wasted forever!

This pic is old but amazing. Lady Gaga is always one step ahead of me in the world of fashion. I so was going to wear this this important meeting but she totally wore it first….so I decided to go with a paintsuit because i didn’t want people to think I was a total poser.

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