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Big news, Laura and I both saw the same movie again! I think we might even agree on this one too.  I liked it and if Laura says she doesn’t like it in her review it’s just because she’s trying to be difficult.  Laura is the bad cop, the Ebert if you will.  Anyways, I’ve been using facebook for a few years now so I assumed that the movie was actually based on me.  I mean I have like 478 friends and counting on facebook so I’m pretty popular.  So of course, I was dying to see who would play myself in this documentary of my life so I rushed out to see the movie.  I was let down, I mean big time.  The movie was not about me at all, but it was about the founders of facebook.  I left for half of the movie and cried to myself in the washroom then I shook off the disappointment and returned to the theater.  The movie was actually really great.  The banter back and forth between characters reminded me of Dawson’s Creek a bit…only this banter totally worked because they were people from Harvard and people from those parts are real smart. I give this movie 4 ritas with a poking stick out of 5. Laura what did you think?

Oh hey Robin! it’s great to be back at it, thanks for the kind words.  Let me just be real with yall for a second. If this movie requested my friendship on facebook I would accept it immediatly! If this movie were a facebook event I would click “attending” with a smily face, no jokes. No but seriously, if this movie was all “hey laura, hows it hangin” on my wall, I’d reply “oh not much, just chillin, bad boyz 4 life” because we’re tight like that. okay really now, if this movie was playing farmville I wouldnt make fun of it and call it a loser because it might kick my ass. In short, this movie really surpassed my expectations. I went into it a little sceptical. I mean really, I spend all day on facebook, do I really need to see a movie about it? apparently yes! I was pleasently suprised to find out that mark zukerberg is a nerd with balls! and thats what makes the story so appealing. revenge of the programming nerds! he may have lost his best friend and girlfriend in the process but who cares, he’s rich bitch! and pretty sure he’s dating some asian gold digger now anyways. now thats what I call a “happy ending” 😉

I give this movie 4 Facebook swag ritas out of 5!

Wow we haven’t done these in a while! (apparently Robin doesn’t like to see new movies) BUT we finally both saw THE TOWN. Directed by Ben Affleck. Okay this movie was wayy over rated. like “up in the air”, I was very disappointed. NOTHING HAPPENED. Ben robs bank, ben falls in love with girl, ben cant tell her who he really is, blah blah blah, shooting, blah blah blah, a few witty lines, blah, the end. AND don’t get me started on Blake Lively, what the hell was she doing in this movie?!!!! Its not hard to act like your high on oxy cotton, they could have chosen any no name for the part and it would have been much more authentic. In all, this movie just seemed like it was trying too hard to be a badass heist movie but it just ended being a bad version of SNATCH, except substitute the awesome pikey accents with annoying boston ones, and the talent/hilariously entertaining plot with no talent and a plot that I could have written in gr 5. So I guess its not like Snatch at all. Damn Snatch was awesome.

Hey Laura, did you know that eating bananas will decrease your symptoms of PMS?  You should eat some.
This movie was great.  I once married a guy from Boston, his name was Matt Damon, he took me to red sox games and fed me beer by the tub.  Okay, I actually just dreamed about that. Anyways, I have a thing for boston accents.  I have a thing for Ben and Matt…I mean have you seen Good Will Hunting?  Hello?  Anyways, the Boston accents didn’t bother me, in fact I rather enjoyed them.  This movie not only inspired me to rob more banks but it also gave me some great ideas for my upcoming Halloween outfit.  I was actually surprised at Blake Lively’s performance. Isn’t she the girl that gossips a lot and wore those sista-pants?  She pulled off the oxy-cotton Bostonion well I thought, especially if her only formal acting training is wearing pants.   I give this movie a 3 out of 5.  It was better than Reindeer Games but not as good as Good Will Hunting.  Also, since I know Ben will be reading this, I’d like to take this opportunity to invite him to my birthday party.  It’ll be around the 17 of February. (Don’t worry Laura isn’t invited)  Hugs!

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Can’t wait to talk about this movie! I predict Robin will dislike it. she just has to watch it first. Get on that robin! Rita is getting impatient. and a little hungry.

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