Whatcha gonna do brother?

So I’m on autobiography kick right now..by kick I mean I just Hulk Hogan’s autobiography: My Life Outside the Ring.

I have to say I was pleasantly suprised by the Hulkster.  His words were like poetry.  Here’s some cool facts you may not not about The Hulk.

• He’s very sensitive and hates confrontation
• He once got lost in a forrest and had to eat a baby squirrel
• His brother, Alan died of a drug overdose…he bought the drugs with money that the Hulk lent him to pay his bills.
• He was engaged before Linda (his crazy ex-wife)
• The book The Secret saved his life.
• Hulk Hogan really loves Honey nut cheerios. Seriously watch this!
• He had his outtie bellybutton surgically changed into an innie (industry standard for professional wrestlers)

Most of these things are true but 2 of them are actually lies.  You should probably read the book to find out.

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