On this day-July 15

196 is my lucky number, and guess what? Today is the 196 day of the year. Hear hear! Here’s some stuff you should probably know and tell your grandchildren about one day.

1-Remember Netscape? You know the internet thing some of us used to use? Well in 2003 that all ended…bet you didn’t even notice.
2-Today is National Tapioca Pudding Day, if you didn’t know that…seriously where have you been? I even took the day off.
3-It is also, perhaps more importantly…Respect Canada Day! I always respect Canada, it’s my favourite country.
4-This is not specific to today, but i though you all should know this. It is Anti-Boredom Month. So keep visiting our blog everyday. It will cure your boredom!
5-Brian Austin Green turns 37 today. Did you know he just married Meghan Fox. Step up from Donna, way to go David!
To respect Canada here is a heritage commercial (you know you love them!)

One comment

  1. lol i used to love this commercial! But you guys forgot to include the best one…”We have to keep our Irish names, mom mere me la dit”.

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