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1- The phrase “JERRY, JERRY, JERRY!” would have never been uttered if it were not for this day.  Jerry Springer was born on February 13th in 1944.  If my calculations are correct that makes the beloved talk show host and former mayor a whopping 70 years old today.
2- In 1981 a series of sewer explosions destroyed more than two miles of streets in  Louisville, Kentucky.  We still believe this guy was to blame.
3-  Today is World Radio day!  Next year I am going to celebrate this more.  I completely forgot about it.  Never again!
4-Today is the day before Valentines day.  Don’t forget to get a card for your loved one.  Or don’t.  Seriously either way, we still love you.
5- Today is 4 days before Robin’s birthday.  This year Robin is turning 30.  She doesn’t want to talk about it.

November first represents a great many things!  It is the day that Oprah’s long lost sister was born, it is the day christmas music starts playing on the radio, and best of all, it is international yellow and green balloon day! wow!

Here are some more interesting facts about November first.

• Its all saints day! you should probably listen to their music to celebrate.
• The beginning of Movember! We’ve started growing our stashes, Robins winning, obviously
• Its “hug a straight sailor day” in boston. Good luck finding a straight sailor! And boston, who the hell knows where that is!
•  Today is the day that rice was first boiled and eaten. A discovery made by a Japanese man named Yim Po, in 1382.
• Nov 1st marks the day that paperclips were invented. In 1873, Doctor Allen Frankleiner was sitting in his office looking for something to fasten his stack of papers together. He found a long piece of metel on the floor that broke off of a patients leg brace (it was probably forest gump), and bent it in such a way that held the pages tightly. And the rest is history!

Today is probably one of the most important days of all time.

1. The first ikea store was opened in Slovakia. It was called Bi-way back then but it eventually changed to ikea because Bi-way sounds like ikea when said with a thick Slovakian accent.

2. Putridge Heslah changed his name to Brad Pitt. Yes the Brad Pitt…the one with all the children.

3. Buttered cinnamon bagels were invented today.

4. Those hand warmer things were invented today but they were originally invented to heat up cold burgers ‘on-the-go’.

5. Animal activist and ‘actress’ Pamela Anderson got really drunk today and had big juicy burger. She later tried to have plastic surgery to remove the burger from her body. The doctor suggested she poop.

August 5th is a very important day in history. Not many people know that on this day Bryan Adams went into a pet store and purchased 2 hamsters. These small furry animals served as inspiration for his 2004 album, “room service”. With memorable tracks, “blessing in disguise” and “open road”, its not hard to feel the influence of his fetish. what a perv.

Also on this day, in 1983, the little tab thingy on your office chair was invented – the western world has been enjoying smooth vertical transitions for 27 years now! wow, what an exciting advancement.

Also on this day, in 1852, a man named Adam Kerfuffle walked into a general store in oklahoma and punched the owner in the face. The motive for this random happening is unkown, but it is said that multiple bistanders joined the fight, until a huge brawl had broken out. This stopped after 3 hours, when they realized they didnt know what they were fighting for. After a hot shower together and a couple of beers they decided to call their strange and somewhat sexual experience a “kerfuffle” – commonly know today as to describe a commotion or fuss!

wow, what a day.

THIS IS SOOOO HUGE!!!!  Like bigger than when dylans wife Toni died!  9 -this month, 2 today’s day, 10 – the year.  Hoopla!

Literally nothing has ever happened today….except some rumour about Mars and the moon colliding in an intergalactic phenomenon.

Here’s a pic that comes up if you search August 27…its a hybrid version of mars and the moon….perhaps the rumours are true.

1- Today is Kiss-and-Makeup day.
2-Today is National Secondhand Wardrobe day.
3- In 1939, The Wizard of Oz was first released.
4- Don’t tell my heart, my achy break heart but Billy Ray Cyrus turns 49 today.
5- Speaking of Billy Ray, if you type August 25th in google images, this one is the first to come up.  Oh Miley.

Photo of actor Michael Richards at the 1993 Em...

Image via Wikipedia

1- Kramer (Michael Richards) turns 60 today.
2-In 2006, Pluto was demoted to a dwarf planet.
3- In 1981, Mark David Chapman was sentenced to 20 years to life for John Lennon’s murder.
4-  Amelia Earhart was the first woman to fly across the USA non stop (from Las Angeles to Newark, New Jersey)  In case anyone was wondering, I was the second.
5- This is our 217th post.  I was born on Feb. 17 that’s (2.17) Kinda eerie right. Not really, but it’s basically my birthday and I will accept presents.

1- Today is “Be an Angel” day.  Basically do nice things today.  I hope it’s not too late and you weren’t really mean today, I should have wrote this post earlier.
2- 25 years ago today a true angel was actually born.  That angel is Laura Stradiotto.  Some say Laura is not an angel and that her natural glow is just due to the fact that she was conceived in nuclear sewage.  Some say that is also why she has a brother that was born on the exact same day as her.  I say, Horseradish!  I have seen Laura dance to”Single Ladies” and  I know that only an angel could move like she can.

Happy Birthday Laura! Happy birthday to your brother too (pictured below)

1- Today is National Relaxation Day and National Failures Day
2- Ben Affleck turns 38 today
3-In 1519, Panama City, Panama was founded
4-Laura’s favourite Jonas brother: Joe, turns 21 today.
5- Today is mothers day in Costa Rica
Here’s a pic of Joe Jonas celebrating Mothers day in Costa Rica with his mom (who also happens to be Betty White)

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