On this day: AUGUST 5th

August 5th is a very important day in history. Not many people know that on this day Bryan Adams went into a pet store and purchased 2 hamsters. These small furry animals served as inspiration for his 2004 album, “room service”. With memorable tracks, “blessing in disguise” and “open road”, its not hard to feel the influence of his fetish. what a perv.

Also on this day, in 1983, the little tab thingy on your office chair was invented – the western world has been enjoying smooth vertical transitions for 27 years now! wow, what an exciting advancement.

Also on this day, in 1852, a man named Adam Kerfuffle walked into a general store in oklahoma and punched the owner in the face. The motive for this random happening is unkown, but it is said that multiple bistanders joined the fight, until a huge brawl had broken out. This stopped after 3 hours, when they realized they didnt know what they were fighting for. After a hot shower together and a couple of beers they decided to call their strange and somewhat sexual experience a “kerfuffle” – commonly know today as to describe a commotion or fuss!

wow, what a day.

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