New Section Alert! Blog Review!

As you all know, we have been overwhelmed with positive feedback from our movie review section.  We get about 7 zillion hits a day.  We have also gained about 72 million blog followers so as a thank you to all of them, we have decided to start reviewing some of their blogs.  We know how valuable our opinion is.  In fact 9 out of 10 times Obama reads our horoscopes 100 percent of the time.  We also understand that our opinion at times can be harsh.  I mean, did you read our Sex and the City review?  We are still getting hate mail from Samantha.  So the point is, we are sorry in advance if you are offended by our review in any way.  I think the traffic that will be generated towards your site will be well worth it though.

First blog we are going to review is a blog called Robotic Rhetoric. The tagline on this blog states Berking around since 1993.  Doubtful!  Blogs – otherwise known as online diaries only really became popular in 1998 and I doubt the Rhetoric Robot guy was a pioneer.  Upon further investigation I found  that the writer of this blog was actually born in 1993.  Yes that’s right he was born the same year the Toronto Blue Jays won the world series.  Poor guy, he probably didn’t even get to enjoy the series let alone Joe Carter’s amazing homer to win it all.  I investigated even further and realized that this guy is also from Oxford, England.  Correct me if I’m wrong, but what I know of England is they can only use computers on the upper deck of double decker buses and their keyboard is actually backwards.  So I was very surprised at how well-written this blog was.  I was also surprised to see that there were no Lions, witches, wardrobes or turkish delight (that I could find) on this blog.  Strange, I know.    I did find some rather amusing posts.  What I found even more amusing are his british expressions. He says, Jazz all (kinda like F*ck all –only way classier and more toothy).  My favourite expression he uses though is fur-ball glamourpussies which refers to Kate Middleton.  Just kidding read this article and you will see.  All-in-all I found this blog quite amusing.  The writing is witty and smart and the design is minimalistic.  Overall I give this blog 3 Anne Murray’s and one Mr. Tumnus out of 5.  Laura what did you think?

Well Robin, right off the bat one thing is extremely clear, this guy is totally not british! I mean come on, do brits actually say “naughty bits” and “cheeky”?? Pretty sure Madonna used those words when she put on her fake accent that one year, claiming the culture just “rubbed off” on her. <—-No really check it out, its balloks! Now I’m  not one to judge, I, like any westerner LOVES to fool people into thinking I’m a londoner – in line at the movies, at weddings on boats, elevators, and my personal favourite,  in a public washroom asking the neighbouring stall for a “spot of tissue.” Heck, sometimes I think in a British accent! All things aside, this blog gets my stamp of approval, its fun, whitty (another word I like to say in my accent), and completly random, which I think is the essence of great blogging. Don’t you hate it when you come across a blog thats written like a Margaret Atwood Novel? Please, if I wanted to learn about theorizing of canadian identity I’d take a light jog through the Group of Seven section at the AGO. BORING! wheres the Warhol at?!! I give this blog 4 british Madonnas out of 5! Great work Robot Rhetoric man, but what the heck does “Berking” mean?


  1. I’m a “berk” I’ve been berking around since 1987 when I found out that a bottle of stout makes a great bat and the head of a footy hooligan was an even better ball. GO BERKERS!!1!

  2. I am totally not British? How dare you! haha thanks for the review, came as a pleasant surprise 🙂 and berking means… well, to berk. to be a berk. to be berk-like. berky.

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