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Alex says these pictures are amazing and I would have to agree with him on this one.  Check out the link to more fabulous photos from Iceland’s volcano here

Well this is a goodie.  Props to Alex for this one.  So Albert Einstein died 55 years ago yesterday.  Big deal?  No?  Think again.  These pictures were taken when Albie died and they couldn’t be released…UNTIL NOW!

This is an actual picture of a dude cutting up Albert Einstein’s brain.  Whaaaaaaa!?  Now do you think it’s a big deal?  No?  Then bring it up with Alex because he said it!  To check out the rest of the pics click here!

“This is HUGE!” (seriously he said that)

40 years ago today (1970) Apollo 13th returned safely back to earth. I am pretty sure Tom Hanks had something to do with it.

“Oh NOoooo Robin” (This is really what Alex says) “It happened tomorrow” Alex is now bowing his head in shame. He will now be punished until monday when he can say something again.

Here’s a super fancy clip of Apollo 13 which is somewhat amusing. We like to laugh. So does this guy.

Alex (our art director) usually contributes to our blog at least once a day so we’ve decided to have his own Alex says section.

Today Alex gathered us around the campfire we have going at work and told us a story about how today was the first day in major league baseball for a team to play outside of USA. It was the summer of 69. Well not really…it was April of 69.

On a side note, Alex had McDonalds today. Alex also says “I like Big Macs!” ©2010

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