Alex Says

Alex (our art director) usually contributes to our blog at least once a day so we’ve decided to have his own Alex says section.

Today Alex gathered us around the campfire we have going at work and told us a story about how today was the first day in major league baseball for a team to play outside of USA. It was the summer of 69. Well not really…it was April of 69.

On a side note, Alex had McDonalds today. Alex also says “I like Big Macs!” ©2010


  1. Alex is full of manly wisdom. I’ve never had a hamburger from McDonald’s before, but he’s almost convinced me.

  2. Hello everyone…i am a long time reader, first time commentator from England. I would like to see this Alex Rodriguez set up a pay per view thing like that woman in America who is trying to become the worlds heaviest….i think it would be rather relaxing sipping tea, doing our daily work on the computer while in a little corner box sits a art director happily munching away on his beloved Big Macs…..
    I Enjoy the blog girls keep up the good work.
    Go Degrassi!
    what ever happened to Joey Jeremiah???

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