Cover Poll

In case you didn’t know, we design Chill Magazine. Every issue we struggle with coming up with Cover ideas. If any one has any great ideas for our may/june issue your comments are welcome!!

Here’s a few options we have.


  1. I’m assuming you guys are doing the whole iron man 2 thing. If so why not have Robert & Scarlett on the cover together in their super hero costumes? Use a pic of Robert with his helmet off & Scarlet in her catsuit (gigitty). I mean it is a summer blockbuster… Who am I kidding you know it’s just gonna be Eva menses hahaha

  2. i think vernon has already been on the cover but fo sho he should be on it again…plus, he’s the only one that really has anything to do with canada. double plus, he’s on fiaaaaa this year!!

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