The Water cooler

Welcome to The Water Cooler! Look here for really awesome stories that you can use to impress your co-workers with while hanging out by the water cooler! We guarantee you will be the most popular person in your department!


This girl Shawna who my cousin’s teacher used to date had this infestation of squirrels in her house. They came in through her fireplace and went all through her house. Believe it or not one squirrel actually got her dog pregnant. No word of a lie. I know it’s true because my cousins teacher used to date this girl. I also have a picture of the squiruppy. Proof that it actually happened.

Do you have a strange or amazing or funny or disgusting or unbelievable story? You can be featured on our blog. It’s a big deal, we get like 70000 hits a day. Email us or

Remember, stop using plastic bottles..they are bad for the environment and they reduce water cooler talk. Get out there and share some stories!

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