New Career

Robin and I have been contemplating a new career. Its been so gosh darn busy here, we want a new job where we can relax, sing a tune, and slap da bass man. So we’re gunna try to be jingle masters for a while. I’m assuming that’s what you call those people who make ridiculous songs for commercials that NEVER DIE. like this one or this one.

All we ask is for your support!

Jingle #1
“wacky crackers”

Wacky crackers – so wacky
Wacky crackers – so cracky!
Wiggidy wackidy – criggidy crackety (children shout: REAAAAL CRACKERS!)

salty or sweet, they can’t be beat
thin or thick, sometimes we like to lick
ooooh crackers. We love them.
Ooooooo crackers (b flat here) especially with dip.
Eeeeespecially with dip! (choir of 75 children)

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