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Do you love music?  Do you love not being naked?  Well, we’ve got the website for you!

The staff at Guataca Music Wear are hardcore music fans and believe that nothing says ‘rock and roll’ like the emblematic black band t-shirt.  Created by world class designers these t-shirts are being brought to you as a part of a movement to help ensure children across the country have access to music programs at school.

Guataca wha?  What does guataca mean?  Guataca is Venezuelan slang. The word is used to describe musicians who have the ability to “play by ear.” If you have Guataca, making music is something that will come naturally.

When you purchase a Guataca Music Wear tee, a portion of the proceeds is donated directly to MusiCounts, a Canadian music education charity. MusiCounts’ mission is to insist that all Canadian children, regardless of cultural background or socio-economic circumstances have access to a comprehensive music program through their school.

Check out Guataca Music Wear today and support a kid who wants to play the guitar or the drums or flute or saxaphone or harp or banjo or xylophone or trumpet or the weird kid who just likes to snap.  Don’t be this guy, be cool and buy a t-shirt.

This invention was sent to us by an avid reader.  Jenelle.  Jenelle is pretty great.

Have you ever been sitting around for hours at a time waiting for your hot noodles to cool down?  I have.  I’ve missed out on many of my lifes milestones due to this problem.  I actually missed my high school graduation, atleast 3 job interviews and have been late for work on numerous occasions because my damn noodles take FOREVER to cool down.  Well, have no fear…the amazing Japanese inventors have done it yet again!  Introducing the noodle fan!  This compact fan will attach on to any size chopstick and weighs only 6 lbs!

I know what I’m having for dinner tonight!  Mashed pototoes….my noodle dryer hasn’t come in the mail yet.

If you have a cool Japanese (or swedish) invention that you think should be featured on our blog…let us know!  Email or  Jenelle did and now she’s famous!

Aries: you really should be more nice to telemarketers, you made the last one cry. way to go.

Libra: you will find the answer to todays problems in the 5th line of this reading.

Taurus: Did you know that tuesdays are salsa days? wear your flashiest salsa outfit to work today. you will most likely get a raise and a few high fives.

Scorpio: crack open a pabst blue ribbon, sit back in your bean bag chair and rediscover this song. fuck ya.

Gemini: impress your friends with a cool joke today, or a magic trick, or perhaps a mediocre slideshow of memories you’ve shared together

Cancer: you’re having a bad hair day today. don’t panic. today is umbrella hat day. should cover that hot mess right up.

Leo: Listen to the radio today.  Scan 4 times and stop.  This station will give you the proper traffic updates.

Virgo: Tie Dye is should definitely be part of your wardrobe today.  Just look at this guy and tell me he doesn’t look like a total rock star.

Sagittarius: Make sure not to bowl with a ball today that is too small for your fingers.

Capricorn: Today you will find out if Justin is creepy or adorable. You will also think this guy is really annoying.

Aquarius: Today you are feeling upscale. Make sure to wear something that makes you feel super fancy….we suggest a giant hat or some arm length white gloves.

Pisces: You must dance today. Dance whenever and wherever you can. If you need some tips watch this

1- Today is Walk on Stilts Day, good for me..I totally have a thing for stilts
2- Nick Hogan (Hulks son) turns 20 today.  If you want to learn more about Hulk click here
3- In Finland, today is National Sleepy Head day.
4-Today is Take your Houseplants for a Walk day.
5- Last year on this day, this awesome flash mob video was made as a tribute to Michael Jackson in Montreal.

Check out this clever animation short from the Vancouver Film School!

Hello Hello! Horoscopes for Wednesday!

Aries: In some cultures Justin Beiber is viewed as a 13 year old girl with an unfortunate haircut. In others, he is considered a healing power greater than any prescription drug. Study this video and yee shall be healed.

Libra: Make dinner for a loved one using the Slap Chop, and reap the rewards of love and minced veggies!

Taurus: Your horoscopes these past few days haven’t been very good, and I’m afraid the future doesn’t look any better. Switch to sweet n’ low to balance your karmic density and check back  tomorrow for the results.

Scorpio: What happened to Miss Independent? Today try and be more miss-on-her-own, miss almost-grown, miss never-let-a-man-help-her-off-her-throne.

Gemini: If spoken to by a bearded man leave no clues as to wear you are headed. He is a russian spy.

Cancer: It’s time to rediscover kate bush. I know its scary, but it will help.

Leo: Own your domain today. Make it clear that your space is your space. When anyone comes close to you make sure you roar at them. Today is the only day you can do this without looking totally weird.

Virgo: Like a Virgo! Touched for the very first time. Sing that today..peoople will love you

Sagittarius: You will find new meaning in this video

Capricorn: Potato salad is in your near future. Make sure to avoid peas today.

Aquarius: Today is going to be a great day. You will skip, you will jump, you will make a new friend who has a very nice mustache. He will make you think about growing one yourself.

Pisces: Your lifelong dream of becoming a mascot for a local cheeseburger joint is one step closer to becoming a reality. Today, stretching should be incorporated into your daily routine.

If you like amazing race you will love this! City Chase is held around the world. It is a 4-6 hour urban event, 2-person teams will run, walk and use public transit to navigate their way throughout the city, while calling family and friends for help, accessing the Internet, and even employing assistance of total strangers. Each team must complete the required checkpoints (which can consist of scavenger hunts, nestle tea plunges, eating live crickets, sign-language challenges, rock climbing and much more. The first ones to cross the finish line WINS!

I did this last year in Toronto and had a blast! (finished top 50, brrraaaaap!) There are two dates in Toronto this year, June 19th and August 14th. Check out their website for registration info. DO IT. NOW!!

This is a pretty nifty website that you can create super cool background.


Background design thingy

You just learned something cool.

Here’s a picture I made. Wow! Our blog is really off the charts!

Welcome to our blog. We’ve decided to make a blog. We’re not entirely sure what about yet but we know it will be awesome. We’re designers so maybe we will talk about design or maybe we will talk about other stuff we like.

We sure do like a lot of stuff like music, movies, calculators with large buttons, phones with large buttons, miniature quiche and lots lots more.

So follow us and you will love your life much more.

Oh and here is a video of one of our most favourite things…burger kicking. You are very welcome.

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