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Today is probably one of the most important days of all time.

1. The first ikea store was opened in Slovakia. It was called Bi-way back then but it eventually changed to ikea because Bi-way sounds like ikea when said with a thick Slovakian accent.

2. Putridge Heslah changed his name to Brad Pitt. Yes the Brad Pitt…the one with all the children.

3. Buttered cinnamon bagels were invented today.

4. Those hand warmer things were invented today but they were originally invented to heat up cold burgers ‘on-the-go’.

5. Animal activist and ‘actress’ Pamela Anderson got really drunk today and had big juicy burger. She later tried to have plastic surgery to remove the burger from her body. The doctor suggested she poop.

1- Today is “Be an Angel” day.  Basically do nice things today.  I hope it’s not too late and you weren’t really mean today, I should have wrote this post earlier.
2- 25 years ago today a true angel was actually born.  That angel is Laura Stradiotto.  Some say Laura is not an angel and that her natural glow is just due to the fact that she was conceived in nuclear sewage.  Some say that is also why she has a brother that was born on the exact same day as her.  I say, Horseradish!  I have seen Laura dance to”Single Ladies” and  I know that only an angel could move like she can.

Happy Birthday Laura! Happy birthday to your brother too (pictured below)

Claire has overcome her ridiculous lazy behaviour. This is what she has come up with today. Claire and Laura are both Leos, but I am an Aquarius because I like to be original.

1 – in 2007, NASA‘s Phoenix spaceship was launched
2- A Police officer in Buenos Aires, found a sum of US $800, 000 as it went
through an x-ray machine. This sparked the international scandal involving
Venezuela and Argentina known as MALETINAZO…huh
3- The famous french designer Louis Vuitton would have turned 189 years old
4- Today is international twins festival day
5- I typed August 4 into google today and this is what I found…

Even if they are not particularly good-looking, Leos born on August 4 may
seem to be highly attractive because their personality is so engaging. These
individuals are highly rebellious and may have a hard time fitting into a
conventional mold. They prefer to do things their own way, even if this
means hurting their chances for receiving accolades.

…Good thing I’m a leo!

The second day of june and i bet you are thinking…what don’t I know about today.
Well, I will tell you 5 things.
1-In North Korea, today is Children’s day.
2-Remember a few years ago when that dude won like a zillion games of jeopardy in a row.  No?  Well anyways, his name was Ken Jennings and today was his 74th-game winning streak.  That’s one can of smart-ass.
3- Malcolm Garett turns 54 today.  Don’t know who Malcolm Garrett is?  Well he’s a british graphic designer.  Check out his website here Yes graphic designers are worth mentioning!
4- Today is Justin Long’s birthday he is 32.
5- In 1990 there was a ridiculous tornado outbreak of like 66-89330 tornado’s across Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, and Ohio, killing 12. 7 cows got caught in the tornado inspiring the movie Twister

Well it’s the first day of june and you  know what that means…it is totally okay to have beer and hot dogs for breakfast.

Here are some things you didn’t know about June 1st

1- in 1495, Friar John Cor recorded the first known batch of scotch whisky.  Scotch Scotch Scotch, I love Scotch
2- Heidi Klum turns 37 today.
3-In Vancouver, today is Fei Fei day…weird right? It means Fat fat day…read more about it here
4-Today in Canada it is National Day Against Homophobia.
5- If Marilyn Monroe was still alive today she’d be turning 84.

You are welcome for this educational experience!

If you don’t your know.

1- 113 years ago today.  Dracula was first published by author Bram Stoker.
2- It’s Tina Fey’s birthday, she turns the big 4-0 this year.  Hoopla!
3- Today is international museum day.  So go to the ROM and look at some cool dinosaur eggs
4- In 1910 the earth passed the tail of Comet Halley. I wonder if it hurt…

Here is 5 random facts about today!

1-In 1992, Canada (Sydney, Nova Scotia) had it’s first fast food murder.  In Mcdonalds, 3 employees were brutally murdered and a fourth permanently disabled after a botched robbery.

2- Today is Canadian professional wrestler, Owen Hart’s birthday.  He would have been 45.  Unfortunately, Hart died on May 23, 1999 when an equipment malfunction occurred during his entrance from the rafters of the Kemper Arena in Kansas City, Missouri, US., at the WWF’s Over the Edge pay-per-view event.

3- Last year on this day David Mellor, a famous english cutlery designer died.

4- Today is Christian Feast Day- so eat up.  If you are christian…which I’m not.  Oh no.  Can I still feast?

5- In 2002, The tomb of Herod the Great was discovered.

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