On this day- June 2

The second day of june and i bet you are thinking…what don’t I know about today.
Well, I will tell you 5 things.
1-In North Korea, today is Children’s day.
2-Remember a few years ago when that dude won like a zillion games of jeopardy in a row.  No?  Well anyways, his name was Ken Jennings and today was his 74th-game winning streak.  That’s one can of smart-ass.
3- Malcolm Garett turns 54 today.  Don’t know who Malcolm Garrett is?  Well he’s a british graphic designer.  Check out his website here Yes graphic designers are worth mentioning!
4- Today is Justin Long’s birthday he is 32.
5- In 1990 there was a ridiculous tornado outbreak of like 66-89330 tornado’s across Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, and Ohio, killing 12. 7 cows got caught in the tornado inspiring the movie Twister

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