Well if you don’t know this about Laura and I….I’m totally Charlotte and Samantha and she’s totally Carrie and Miranda. Like hybrid versions of the characters. So let me just say this, I was looking forward to seeing Sex & the City 2. I was utterly and drastically and technically and literally disappointing. The movie had absolutely no plot or point at all. Half of the movie felt like a tourism commercial for Abu Dhabi. The other half was just fashion filler..and I mean not good fashion…way too much jumpsuit action in this flick.

I give this movie 1 ridiculously fashionable rita hat out of 50..yes 50. What about you Laura? Or should I say Carrie and Miranda…no wait those characters are now dead to me.

Thanks Robin, your review was highly insightful, and for once, I COMPLETELY agree with you. what the EFF was that all about?!! I think I would have had more fun going to the gynecologist. this was just bad. which I hate to say, because I am a die hard fan, and I will defend SATC to the grave. But ladies, you were awful. I actually think the movie made me a little stupider. is stupider even a word?!! Well I could have answered that question before I saw the film. I would like to give this film ZERO ritas, but for the sake of showing rita in ridiculous outfits, I give it ONE Abu Dhabi Rita out of FIVE.


  1. The Ritas are friggin hilarious, I’m in love.

    One question- did you honestly watch the trailers, in all of their ‘ Sex and the City on a camel in the desert’ glory and think , ‘wowww this is going to be awesome!’ ??

    .. I refused to go, as my friends paid 23 pounds each to see it in a fancy london theatre- That’s like $40 !!! Think of what you could buy with that…

  2. I can’t say I’m surprised that the movie was bad, since I found the show unwatchable.

    Laura, of course stupider is a word. Otherwise, why would boys go to Jupiter?

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