Things we hate

I would like to think that Laura and I are both relatively positive people. There are are a few things that we hate though.
These are the top five things I hate:
1- Nickelback
3-People that wear velvet
4-Excessive ear hair (or ear wax for that matter)
5-rats or mice

Here are the top 5 things that Laura hates: (Laura feel free to change this to things you actually hate)
1- The hamburgular, he keeps stealing my damn burgas
2- Babies that talk super early
3- Sitting giraffes
4-trying to open coconuts
5-hookers that won’t let her photograph them

This guy is funny and he hates a lot more that we do….check out more of his stuff here

One comment

  1. It is true, she does hate hookers that don’t let her photograph them.
    Why do they gotta get all up in her face for?

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