Halloween Costume Ideas. Most creative/Inspirational ever.

Last years Halloween Costume blog was such a hit, we’ve decided to give you some more earth shattering, mind blowing ideas.  Choose any of these costumes and you will be the life of any party.

Obama and Romney. This one will make you and your friend look super smart and into politics! Just grab some cardboard at your local No Frills and make two podiums, put on a couple suits, and wabam! you’ve got yourself a debate! Bonus points if you can sing this song.
Inflatable bike helmet girl. Be the first to flaunt one of the stupidest inventions of the year! This one should be easy, just take an inflatable pool chair and fasten it on your head


Sophia Grace & Rosie. The key here is a buttload of pink, a tutu, a tiara and a British accent. If you make people barf out chipmunks you know you succeeded in being as cute as these 2 adorable farts.
Breaking Amish. Value village meets big city.
There’s so many variations of Kenny Powers. Mexican Kenny, thuglife Kenny, Baseball Kenny.
The Dictator. Any character that Sascha Baron Cohen has ever played is typically a good costume.
Mr. Rogers. Easy costume, plus he’s like super “in” right now.
Abby and Brittany Hensel. Easy couple costume! just get an oversize shirt cozy up with someone and get really, really drunk. This will help with the look.
Why wouldn’t you want to be a pickle for halloween?
They key to a good Cee Lo Halloween costume is a pair of shades, creating a tubby body and also the optical illusion that your arms are too short for your body. Also buy a pink parrot, he’s more attached to that thing than his left knee cap.  For reals!
Kevin from The Office. This is a good costume for a really dumb looking balding guy. Slop on some kleenex shoes for a more formal look.
Lindsay Lohan through the years. Why be just one version of lindsay when you could be multiple?! This one requires a few different wigs and coke-addict makeup. You’ll need to carry these with you so you can alter your costume throughout the night so you get progressively crazier. SPOOKY!
Naked Cowboy at Times Square. Everybody loves this guy! This is a great way to make a few bucks on halloween too! Just strip down to your underwear, find a corner and let it rip! (the guitar solos, that is).
Debbie Downer. A classic but a goody! This is a great way to meet people. Walk up to random groups and interrupt their conversations with stories about your dying cat or your spreading foot fungus. You’ll be the life of the party!
The Hamburgler. This is a great excuse to stand outside of McDonalds and steal peoples burgers! They cant do anything but laugh it off “oh hahaha I get it! thats hilarious! I’ll just buy another”


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