Unique and Awesome Gift Ideas

Okay so after our Halloween costume post we have been getting about 67,000 emails a day requesting we do a Holiday gift idea post.  I know what you are thinking.  Oh my Gaaaaaaawd it’s 10 days before christmas and I don’t know what the frick to get Uncle Ted or Aunt Felicia or cousin Alfred.  Especially cousin Alfred.  That guy is Craaaaaazy. Well we’ve put together a list that has something for everyone (even Alfie).

Buying for a music lover?  Buying for someone that wants to keep music alive, well into the future?  Are you not buying for Chad Kroeger…lead noise maker of Nickelback?  Well we’ve got the perfect gift for you.  What is cooler than the classic Black band T?  I know.  The classic black band T that donates part of it’s money to help ensure children across the country have access to music programs at school.   That’s cooler.  Check out Guataca to order one today!

Buying for a Trekkie?  Ya we all have at least one person in our family that loves Star Trek.  My sister is one of those crazy hooligans.  She even got her ears genetically modified to look like a vulcan.  Just kidding, but I’ve probably just given her a horrible idea.  Jen don’t do this.  Why not learn to cook like a vulcan instead.  Get your Trekkie freak family member a Star Trek Cookbook. 

Buying for a Bacon Lover?  No?  Then you are clearly buying for a Cupcake Lover!  Pretty much anyone can fit into one of these two categories.  What’s a better gift than something you will 2-3 times every single day??!   Nothing I tell ya!  Bacon or cupcake flavoured toothpaste will make anyone’s holidays seem like a miracle on [insert street name here].

Buying for a stinky car person who loves Kraft Dinner?  Who isn’t!  Why not switch that smelly sock box into a delicious Kraft Dinner-mobile.  That’s right, its a mac & cheese scented air freshener. 

Buying for a fan of yodeling or pickles?  Again, I know…doesn’t everyone fall into this category?  Bet you didn’t know you can actually buy a yodeling pickle!  Thank gawd for us design chicks.  Local/international heroes. 

Buying for someone who never wants to do anything ever?  Well clearly this person is going to run out of excuses not to do anything.  What’s better than the instant excuse maker!?  Also, on a side not you should probably break ties with this person.  People who don’t like to do anything are usually pretty toxic and or boring.

Buying for someone who is too busy to be hygienic?  Two words. Pocket.  Shower. Wha?  I know right!  I’m a pretty busy woman believe me… I  haven’t showered in weeks and I smell like a bed of roses (without any dead rats hidden in the sheets).  My secret?  Pocket Shower!

Buying for that crazy drunk in your family.  Hint hint* This one’s for me!  Just kidding.  But seriously this is pretty cool.  A hangover cookbook.  Wha? Yes, I said it, a cookbook for hangovers.  Sounds ahhhmuzzing!

Buying for a girl who wants to pee like a guy?  Enough said.  Female urination device.

Okay I think that just about covers everyone.  You are welcome! Merry Christmas and Happy Hanukkah!  Peace in the middle east!


  1. Someone I doubt that bacon toothpaste will leave the same fresh feeling in your mouth after brushing.

    And I’d love to learn to cook Star Trek recipes, but where am I going to find live serpent worms?

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