What did Jewish for Christmas?

We here at Designchicks believe in covering all bases. Just because we celebrate the birth of Santa Claus on Dec 25th, doesn’t mean we forgot about Hanukkah! I mean, come on-ukkah! We’re always looking to expand our knowledge, so we hit the streets to ask some good-lookin’ jewish people some questions about their holiday and what they thought about ours!

Now, we know Hanukkah is celebrated across 8 days. We’re kinda jealous cause Christmas is only 1 day! Maybe you could lend us some? it’s only fair.

What are your thoughts on Christmas Trees?
They’re a fire hazard
But aren’t Menorah’s just as dangerous? allowing kids to play with fire, yikes!
…I guess?

Why are most comedians Jewish? We’re not Jewish but everyone thinks we’re funny. What’s with that?
What does that have to do with Hanukkah?
hahah you’re hilarious! 

So do you leave out milk and cookies for Santa like we do? Or do you leave him bagels and lox, because it’s kosher?
What? no, we dont leave anything out. And Santa isn’t real.

We’re big fans of the dreidel. Did you know the word ‘dreidel’ comes from the word ‘ladle’ which is a large spoon commonly used to scoop soup from a large pot into smaller bowls?
Actually it comes from the word ‘dreyen’ which means ‘to turn.’ Don’t you think that makes more sense?
Hmm…we’ll have to look into that… 

Well we sure did learn a lot! Stay tuned for the second part of our holiday interviews as we hit the streets to find out more about Kwanzaa!

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