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As you all know, Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez have been dating for a very long time (9 1/2 months and 13 hours and 27 minutes to be exact). Last month Justin spotted Selena canoodling with her Monte Carlo costar Cory Monteith (the dude from Glee). Well didn’t Bieber get into quite the fever..he began questioning Selena’s loyalty to him, he cried, she cried, it was a mess! Anyways, the next morning (sources say) Selena took off. She returned later that evening distraught, intoxicated and sporting new body art. A full arm sleeve tattoo of her true love, Justin Bieber. She has since told sources that it was a gesture to prove her commitment to the baby-faced buck, Bieber.

Selena Gomez gets Justin Bieber Tattoo

Selena Gomez gets Justin Bieber Tattoo

Laura and I are designers (in case you didn’t know that by our blog name).  We set up this blog to primarily discuss design stuff…but we’ve clearly veered off that path.  I like the randomness of our blog, but we thought today we’d show some respect to all those hard working designers out there.  We mostly design magazines but we respect all forms of design from jewelry making to furniture to body art.  This is a cool site where people can sell their original designs.  Want a unique chair for your kitchen, a weird looking toaster?  Well Etsy has it all!

I thought this baby shirt was cute.  I mean it’s a baby and he’s wearing a tie..genious!

There is so much to choose from on this site and the super cool thing is you can also sell your own designs.  So design something cool and become a millionaire.

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