Photoshop Face-off!!

New Section Alert!!!
Okay so I have this talented intern.  His name is Cass King.  We call him the King of the Cass.  Little something I stirred up, no big deal.. I’m pretty funny.

Anyways, sometimes I don’t have anything exciting to give him so I tell him to look for pictures and other boring stuff.  Well, no longer will his life be lived in shambles.  He is now the dedicated creator of our photoshop-faceoff picture contest.

Here’s the deal, look at the pic below and tell us how many weird random stuff is in it that doesn’t belong.  The first right person will have a poem written about him/her (written by Cass to give him more stuff to do) and published on here!  Are you hungry for fame???  This will be the fastest way to climb the fame ladder from z to a!  Click on the picture to make it full size, it will blow your mind!


  1. is there supposed to be a black guy in there or has Cass mastered the hue / saturation techniques of Photoshop? Hmmmm will I ever know? i think not

  2. This is so cool. I wish I had thought of this. I guess 72. I have one glass eye and one blind eye so it’s really hard to say.

  3. Some of you know me as pastor the rapping pete, I think I am going to talk/rap about this at my sermon on sunday, it’s so great! I guess 18, because my mom uses 18 eggs in my favourite cake (that she likes to bake *freestylez!*).

  4. Wow you did AMAZING on this! I’m known around the block for being sort of a photoshop “professional” if you will and I can tell that you made all of this from scratch! Each building,person, and article of clothing is from a different image so I count 2,047.

  5. Oh hey! cool site.
    I work at Longos in the back where they do paperwork. and I was bored so I searched “chicks” cause I like boobs. But then I found this site and realized that there are more things out there that are way better than boobs, like humour and good taste.

    oh and my guess is 19

  6. hey robin its your relative from Jamaica!
    how are you?? great site, when are you coming to visit??

    my guess is 26 cause thats the number of ingredients in malibu, I GOT TWOOOO JOOOBS!!!!!!

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